6 Networks That Make You A Part Of Your Social Media Plan

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The internet is on fire with people who love social media. Social media is fairly new but it has spread rapidly. It helps connect people no matter where they live, it’s a powerful tool for promoting your product; plus you can just have fun with it. Spreading your personal or business message can be powerful. If you choose social media for promoting your product or business there is one other step that you need to do – make sure your plan includes promoting you. Never assume that it is just your product that has value because you have value too. WordPress realizes this and that’s why they started a platform where you could blog, create pages, and connect people.

When you create your social media profile you give people a visible widget that shows your identity. People do remember. Look at WordPress – their widget is clearly recognized by everybody that blogs. It is starting to be recognized by people that don’t blog. That widget helped WordPress develop their online social media profile. The widget that you choose for yourself can do the same thing. You have simple text or clear images as choices. Here are ten of the best places to find the widget that defines you online:

1. Lifestream.fm: You can stream more social networking services on to your site than other services. You do need to set up an account. It is very simple to set up your sidebar widget. One negative is that all your Tweets will be displayed, including replies.

2. Lifestream: One thing many people like about this is that you do not need a third party account to set it up. The plug-ins look a bit crowded, however, and that makes them not a good fit for certain applications. You can hide your Twitter @replies.

3. DandyID Services: This is one of the most extensive services available. DandyID Services supports roughly 330 social networks. You just need to create a free account, pick your widget and decide which application you’d like to use it in. Very cool!

4. Social Media Page: They work with about 140 social media networks. One of the best things they do is let you link to your profiles without getting a lot of clutter in exchange.

5. Social Profilr: The downside to Social Profilr is that it only gives you access to about 14 social networks. It does do one great thing though. When you create your widget you can also create a line of text. Use that opportunity to promote yourself, your blog, or even your tag line.

6. FriendFeed Activity Widget: This is a popular social media service. It is easy to use and people find it convenient. The designs are simple (not boring) and that is a benefit because it saves on a cluttered looking sidebar. They also have the ability to hide Twitter @replies. You get great control and management of your content.

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