Adding Soundcloud Feature Tracks to your Sidebar, WordPress Plugin

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Just released!!!  a brand new plugin to allow djs, musicians or anyone with audio recordings in Soundcloud, the ability to add featured tracks to your widgetized areas.

Up to 4 tracks can be added and controlled from a Custom Admin panel.

You can now visit the WordPress depository to download the Soundcloud sidebar plugin

Please register to test the Beta version of the plugin


Very easy to use. You can see it in action at the front of the site.


Simply get your code and paste it in the boxes of your Admin panel.  Change them as you please.  Soundcloud has hit a total of 1 million users and and counting.  You can set up remix contests and add your latest creations to share with the world

Soundcloud’s popularity has gone way up and the easy of use, lack of advertisement keeps it as the place to be for real musicians and performers.  Some mainstream musicians have taken interest in the phenomenom.

Check out of of the latest interviews and a bit more information in regards to soundcloud.

SoundCloud is a platform for DJs, artists and producers who like to connect with colleagues and friends and to present and discuss their latest tracks and releases. Founded in 2007, SoundCloud is now very close to one million registered users and has become a significant player in the digital music business

Please stay tuned for the release of our plugins.  It is still in beta testing.

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