Front Page Slider Jquery plugin for WordPress | Just released!!

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We just release our first slider plugin. The Front Page Slider Jquery 1.0 plugin for your WordPress website. This plugin enables you to add a Custom JQuery slider to your blog and will provide you with a Custom Post type panel to manage all entries. Images are added through the featured image area. A full custom [...]

Yahoo Webplayer Enabled – WordPress Plugin

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My latest plugin, automatically enables the Yahoo Webplayer to your theme.  If you have not heard of the Yahoo Webplayer , it works great.  Take a look at it. You can use my plugin to easily enable your theme to without having to edit the code or loosing any code when updating themes.     [dm]7[/dm]

H1 Tag SEO Optimizer WordPress plugin

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Optimize your websites H1 tag in 1 minute with this easy to use plugin.  Replace your site logo, or your top header with a proper h1 tag.  At the same time use the image that you want to display.     The spiders will read <h1><a href=""> Wordpress Guide 101, Wordpress experts </a></h1> But the viewer [...]

Adding Soundcloud Feature Tracks to your Sidebar, WordPress Plugin

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Just released!!!  a brand new plugin to allow djs, musicians or anyone with audio recordings in Soundcloud, the ability to add featured tracks to your widgetized areas. Up to 4 tracks can be added and controlled from a Custom Admin panel. You can now visit the Wordpress depository to download the Soundcloud sidebar plugin Please register [...]

Car Dealer Inventory Page Display Plugin

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NEW!!!! Version is ready - With Custom Post types and Custom Taxonomy We have recently release our new plugin for a Car Dealer Inventory page Display. -------- The New Version with full custom post type can be viewed at this link - I will continue to offer the free plugin available at the Depository and [...]