WordPress site | Modifying the WordPress login page

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Ok, You started to use Wordpress and have your blog set up, you built up some readers and getting them to sign up, but now you want to personalize your WordPress site a bit more.  There are solutions.  First step is to edit the Wordpress login and sign up page.  Below I will list my two [...]

WordPress site | Set up a group buying daily deal site with WordPress

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As all of you have seen, Daily Deal sites like Groupon and Living Social are the current fad. Personally I scan the sites everyday to see what kind of deal I can find that, even if I don't need it, I sometimes buy them and give them as gifts for family and friends. We now have [...]

WordPress 101 : Post by Voice now available on WordPress.com

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Now we have a new way of publishing blog post to your blogs.  Is very simple to do this with the new Post by Voice service.  You simply call a phone number with a special code and you record your message. We give two thumbs up for this new system.  This will make it very simple [...]

WordPress 101 – From Photoshop to WordPress : Divine creates websites from Photoshop

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If your strength is design, working in photoshop and creating beautifull layouts; There is an application available for you that will transfer your PSD and create a WordPress theme.  Visit Divine Project and check out their system. You can download a trial version. The only downside is the Trial version has a size limitation and you [...]

WordPress Iphone Themes? Make your WordPress site mobile ready!

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Image by kisocci via Flickr Many bloggers are interested in making their Wordpress themes Iphone ready while others decide to leave the browser do it's thing.  Our suggestion is to track the users that your receiving through the mobile component before making any final decisions in regard to installing a plugin or an iphone or mobile [...]