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WordPress developer | PSD to WP : Latest PSD to WP transfer project

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One of our most recent clients requested a set of PSDs to be transfer to Wordpress. Photoshop to Wordpress is one of our area of expertise. The website is Vibrance Beauty. One of the most important parts is choosing the right provider for a PSD to WP project is making sure they can produce clean CSS [...]

WordPress Developer Miami : Miami Web Design – Miami Development WordPress Florida

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Are you located in Miami or South Florida and and require any assistance for your blog, give us a call at 386-506-7930.  We offer a short free phone consultation. We now cover all of Florida, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale., Tampa for all your WordPress Development needs. Below are a list of Videos that you may find useful [...]

WordPress Developer Miami : WordPress 1on1 Training and Seminar

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We are now expanding our services to South Florida and the Miami area. If you are looking for a WordPress developer in the Miami area. We have new services and work 1on1 for all our client needs.  We are currently training seminars on location.  We travel to your office and set up a system or use [...]

Pre-Made Themes Modifications

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If you are looking to modify one of the Free wordpress themes available at - Wordpress.org - We can provide you with set quote. Basic customization include: Sample headers Opt-in Box design. Social Media Icons. Custom Sidebar Plugin set up We speak with you first in regards to the amount of modifications that will be applied [...]

PSD to WP – PSD to HTML –

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Perfectly slicing services for your PSD or HTML website to WP template. Full set up and functionality or just receive your theme for set up. Please indicate the number of pages or time requirements for delivery. We will transform your design creation into a real Wordpress site, we are available by phone to answer our clients [...]

Opt-In Box Design

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Opt-in Design is an important aspect of your blog / website. Make sure to take the time to personalize your online portal. Wp1stop can help improve squeeze page opt-in rates by over 50%. We will design it with a Web 2.0 style and match it to your existing website. If you need a video opt-in we [...]

Social Media Integration

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Set up custom Social Media icons directed to your profile and different account. Pick from a range of pre-made designs or get a custom design icon made for you site We can also set up retweet, digg, sharethis, I love Social Bookmarking and any other plugins for $20 a plugin. Starting prices for social media icon [...]

Custom Theme Design

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Our custom Theme range in pricing. Please call us to speak about your specific needs required on your wordpress blog. We can set you up with pre-made theme or create a custom theme from scratch. Custom made themes range in pricing. Pre-made theme customization start at $499 Basic Custom themes start at $999 Choose your set [...]