Google hit with Probe of Anti-trust Violations

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The Feds just started a formal investigation against Google. Ok, So Google competed with all these other search engines and they won, I go to google, I use google. I like Google’s algorithms. I have a few terms that have gotten me to the top of the ranking. I like the fact that google will not discriminate between me the small guy with the large corporation. I am able to create my own product and through hard work and good seo, I can get to the top and compete.

It seems that other companies do not agree with the results Google provides. The choice is free for us to make. We can use any search engine we would like.

Why put tax payer money into an investigation? To please disgruntled advertisers? It sounds like Google is moving too fast, and they are too successful – time to slow it down into long court battles and legal limbo.

What did they do wrong again?

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