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Blogging is really a fun thing to do, and the best part is that it can also be used as a money making career. Firstly, the most important thing is to know your objectives for blogging. Once you’ve decided your blogging objectives, the next thing to do is to consider keeping some basic requirements in mind before you can get started as an online blogger. Here are a few basic requirements that can come in handy:

  1. Dedicate Time to Blogging: Becoming a professional blogger does not require exceptional skills and experience. As a beginner, you may find blogging slightly challenging at first. However, all it needs is a bit of your time and dedication and rest assured, things are bound to look brighter and more exciting with time. Yes, blogging can be a bit time consuming, but the right tools and skills, along with some research and practice can do the magic. Another thing you can do alternatively to make things easier is to outsource and find great freelance writers, designers and developers, who can help you put your ideas into creation and jump start your online business. There are some people who are gifted with quick thinking and writing. This does not mean you cannot get there with time. You will just need to be patient and hardworking, and also  learn a bit on how to network with the proper people. You can find a mentor that can provide you with more options and new ideas to try. Someone who can walk you through the process of setting up an online venture.
  2. Sacrifices Will Be Needed: Now, becoming a blogger requires some of your time to it. But this does not have to mean sacrificing holidays, evenings, your hobbies and your interests. As a blogger you have the flexibility of choosing what you want to do and when you want to do it. Creating enough time for both blogging and your personal life is really not as hard as it sounds. In fact, it is pretty much an automatic process which settles into your schedules on its own. All it takes is some good planning and organization. The best way to do this is by using the 10 minute rule.  We all have 10 minutes to spare on anything a day. You can easily find a good topic and blog about it within 10 minutes. It is up to you to decide when will be appropriate for you to do this. For example, you can do it early in the morning, at mid day or the evening and make it part of your everyday routine. If you are on Facebook, make sure to add your article to Facebook and let the word wide web do it’s thing – Start to share!
  3. Your Blog URL: Choosing your URL and sticking to it is very important to blogging and doing this is pretty easy as well. The question is how to go through the process of finding the right Url?  The first thing to do is to head to a keyword research tool. This is all about finding a balance. You need to be careful about the keyword you will be putting into the keyword research tool. Pick a word, phrase or a combination of different phrases (related to your niche), which will likely get you a good number of search clicks per day.
  4. You can use the Adsense keyword research tool: So, what are you really looking for? – Let’s focus on a niche to begin with. Let’s say your niche is wordpress themes.  WordPress themes has a total of 2,240,000 global monthly searches. WordPress website has 13 million global monthly searches, themes wordpress and themes for wordpress have 2 million. The next thing to look at is the competition bar graph. “Competition” in this case refers to those keywords that will fetch you your traffic. The competition bar does not provide you super high keywords, but instead provides you with keyword ideas.  The next thing is to get to the point.  Find the right keywords. You can then head to bustaname.com and look for available options using the chosen keyword on your niche, i.e. the most relevant with the lowest competition.  Then proceed to purchase your domain.
  5. What do you Blog About: Think of what are you an expert of or GURU in? You surely know something that others need to know or learn from.  For example, this could be knowing how to set up a car detailing business or setting up a hot dog cart.  You can create a Guide on how to create a business.  Get this guide created, get your website set up, Add your e-book to Clickbank or e-junkie and you are all set to start promoting your blog.  Find that true calling –be it installing car stereos or how to become certified as a security guard (like Pat Flynn does at Smart Passive Income).
  6. Keywords in Subjects: There must be keywords in the subject to improve the chances of your blog being among the top twenty search engine list. The niche you choose is very important, because it must be one which you have a lot of information on. It must also be one which you find interesting so that you can write enough about that niche. Your readers must always have latest news on the niche you have chosen. Google pays attention to what is relevant so you must constantly keep your blog evolving.  Hire a team of writers.  You can find a great variety of writers in Elance.com. You can write blogs which are short stories, poems, thoughts, ideas, city centric blogs or money making blogs. It really depends on what you are good at and what you are more comfortable blogging about. Additionally, what is important is that your blog subject and content must be original and unique. This improves your writing and blogging skills, as well as the design of your blog and establishes a professional image of you. There are many blogs out there, don’t let yours be one of the bunch..
  7. Target High Quality Content: You have to aim at writing content which keeps your readers hooked and waiting for more from you. Here is a tip, in the beginning writing may seem easy because you have lots of ideas and there is a lot to write about. With time this becomes hard. You will need to be innovative and creative as time goes on to make sure you maintain high quality content. The trick here is to know what your target audience likes to read and what they don’t like to read.  Here is a great example of a successful client – this client wanted to establish a membership site to teach people about the stock market.   He established a free video section where he would publish a few of his videos (the free videos do the trick).  He would show his audience a bit of knowledge and get them hooked and waiting for more.  This “more” comes in a membership set up, where you require members to pay for access to content.  You can create multiple levels, or single product (post) access.   You can do this with any type of content, from podcast, video or documents.  Once you establish your network of passive income possibilities you will make money while you sleep.  From then on, all you need to do is keep checking the amount of downloads received every morning.
  8. Get Technical Skills: There is need to make your blogs look attractive and unique. At the same time, they must look user friendly and easy to understand. These require some technical skills and know-how on how to use HTML, JavaScript and other web tools. Knowing how to use these and other tools gives bloggers the chance to get a huge traffic. You have to be a search engine savoir-faire in order to achieve your objectives with blogging. To accomplish this you have many options.  You can hire us to do both the design and theme set up, or you can get your design done and come to us with the PSD and we can transfer it to a real WordPress theme. You don’t have to be the expert at these things. In fact, the majority of successful online bloggers are great at organizing a top team to handle all aspects they delegate. Be it writing, designing or getting the functionality set up, you will want to learn as much about WordPress of course – things like how to use it, best recommended plug-ins and monetization.  That is the key once you get your blog established.
  9. Be Up-To-Date: There is a lot of information and lots of other bloggers’ websites out there. You must carry out your own research to see what the search engine statistics are in relation to your niche. This will also help you get an idea of what others have written and how you can make your content unique.  Keep current with the latest in your subject. For example, if it’s a TV soap you are writing about, be current with its latest updates. We had a client years ago, who was making over $100 a day from Google from her soap blogs.  This client was updating her blog every year. She kept up by reading magazines and all the gossip places she could find.  She would update her blog with 10 new posts per day.  Her blog is still highly successful presently, yours can be too.  This is a pretty easy thing to do, and you can do it too with just a bit of effort of staying up-to-date with what’s current.
  10. Compare and be Creative: Read other content and use your creativity to make your blog posts valuable and unique. Always reflect on what you have written to make sure it is genuine and correct information, and make sure it is not offensive.
  11. Control Your Emotions: Be warned that things can get really emotional with blogging, especially for beginners. You may put your best efforts into your blogs and the responses may not be as much or what you expected. On other days, even a single line of thought will trigger such a reaction that your page will be filled with lot of comments.
  12. Get Your Site Indexed: It is recommend that you go to Google Webmaster tools and make sure you get your site Index.  You can target long tail searches with your titles.  Start reviewing the data, what keywords are you targeting and which ones are scanned. Do your research, go to Adsense keyword research tool and get all your notes down for the data you find.
  13. Be Prepared for What Comes Ahead: There will be days when you will not have any ideas on what to write, and on other days you will be ready to burst with ideas. The bottom line is that you have to be prepared for everything. There will surely be ups and downs, you just have to enjoy them both.
  14. Start Marketing Your Blog: Once you have high quality content for you blogs the next thing to do is to market your blogs. It can be very challenging to tell people what your blogs have and why they must be read. The ideal thing to do is to build your network on social media websites where readers are always hunting for blogs and articles of their interest. You can begin from social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and Stumbleupon. There are thousands of other websites where you can make your own blog pages and form networks of readers. Once you can start getting comments on your blog posts you are in the marketing business!

These are the few requirements on how to get started as an online blogger. Once you master these, you are on the path to success with blogging.

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