I Discovered How To Get My Word Out

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I have found that WordPress is one of the best tools out there if you want to get your message posted online fast. WordPress has helped all us bloggers out there take our blogging game to the next level. Now they have really done it and topped even themselves. WordPress now has an iPhone app. When you use the WordPress iPhone application you will be upping your game to an entirely new level.

The app lets you write, manage, and edit your blog or blogs. You can even create pages or a page. Did you get that? The WordPress app on iPhone lets you take care of multiple blogs or pages all from one spot – the iPhone itself. I think that is pretty amazing and there is one other feature that is amazing about it too. The WordPress app on iPhone is free. It’s every bit as free as you are to create your blog wherever you like in this world.

Writing your blog from your phone may seem tedious. That is because you are not thinking of writing it on an iPhone with a WordPress app. You can have your writing come out in landscape format. That makes it easier to read. You can download pictures on to your blog from the phone. They can be a picture that was either taken with the iPhone or come from a file that was saved to the iPhone. The pictures just need to be downloaded in the order you wish them to appear. I can’t help but think that everybody can do that.

Managing a blog once it is posted can be the most cumbersome part of the entire task. When you get busy it can be easy to forget to respond to feedback. That is the very purpose of the blog though so it has to be done. When I post a blog and don’t get feedback I have no idea how people responded – good or bad. The iPhone WordPress app lets me be the ultimate blog manager.

Editing your blogs and pages can often be a tough job. With the WordPress iPhone app you can save your drafts and do all your editing right on the telephone. I find that flexibility like that gives me a lot more free time because I can do it no matter where I am. I could be waiting at a doctor’s office editing my blog or page. That is a much better use of time than reading a year old magazine.

Taking advantage of the WordPress app feature on iPhone is ideal. You can download the app in less than two minutes. The app is very user friendly and I found it to be every bit as easy as checking my email. So, as I try to put out my word I will press on with the iPhone app because it is one of the best discoveries ever.

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