Is Your Blog Headed For Disaster Or Destiny?

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The header you put on your blog is important. That header is the first thing people will see. That header will determine if your blog is interesting enough to actually warrant people to read it. People will decide if you are going to share something with them that they want to know from the header alone. They will also determine your credibility. While it is important to note that all headers cannot be everything to everybody they still have a powerful impact. If you have a catchy header people will be curious. After all, that is the point. You want people to be curious, read, and hopefully give some feedback.

Give your header appeal so it’s not appalling
Would you rather read this: “10 Things That Take You From Broke To Bling” or “10 Ways That Will Help You Earn Money So You Can Buy Nice Things”? The first option is obviously the choice. You don’t even have to fully understand bling to get the concept down. Most everybody has understood broke at some point in their lives. Chances are that they did not really care for it either. Short, descriptive, and precise are all things that should be in an appealing blog header.

Make people want to read more
Now you understand that the header of your blog needs to be appealing to people. The next thing that it needs to do is give a call to action. That action is the critical step of actually making people read your blog and be interested. Every blogger has experienced a situation where they thought they wrote a completely witty, creative, and compelling blog. People did not necessarily agree though. You tracked the views you received on that fabulous blog and they were lower than usual, nobody responded good or bad, and it fell off the radar fast. Look back at the header to that blog. I bet you will find that it didn’t provide for a call to action.

You don’t need to be an expert to have credibility
There are blogs out there that are designed to promote personal agendas. Other blogs are for professional use and their purpose is to give information. Either way, you want to be a credible blogger. What you say to people has to be interesting; it also has to make sense and be well articulated. If you use your blog platform as a chance just to rant and rave without informing people it will grow old after awhile. People are searching online and reading what you write because they want to learn something either through laughter, knowledge, or solid information.

Evaluate your blog and determine if it’s headed for destiny or disaster. The ultimate way you will do that is by creating your headers carefully. Make sure that you create appealing headers that make people want to read more. When they read more they can dive into your well thought out content and see that you have something valuable to share.

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