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Well today I had a small task.  I had a client from EMA Blogs,  they are running WPMU –  We created and built their full wpmu set up.  In this occasion, they were in need of making all links in the front site open with target _blank.  I had research and took a long look at all the options.  This can be done by hard coding, but how do you handle the sidebar and slider links? – Jquery can target a specific class and change the attribute. There are varieties of options.

My chosen options was top modify the header of the document and add the target base = “_blank” –  <base target=”_blank” /> – This takes care of the problem.

So after searching online for a WordPress plugin that would take care of the problem, there seems to be a few that takes care of the problem if they are external links but not links that direct to the same domain or in this care multi blog.

I went ahead and created a plugin to solve the problem.

Give it a test.


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