Matt: Wandering Around Bangkok

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Arriving in Bangkok at the Peninsula, and wandering around the streets for a few hours.

DVD backup?
Bird cage

Chicken and pork skewers
Some sort of fish

Broken telephone booth

Line of tuk-tuks

Glass & Alcohol & Soda & Ice & Hang!!!
Row of empty Coke bottles

Barber shop lamp

Auto CAD Ploting [sic] / Color Laser Printing

Older lady reading newspaper
Computer store! Intel Core processors, Gigabyte motherboard, and Radeon video card
Colored scooters
Sewing lady

Fire truck?

Building a dragon head

Monk on a boat
KFC is everywhere

This guy fell out of the boat

One of my favorite photos from today

Military boat
Man sweeping

Sleeping in a tuk-tuk

Ingenious power distribution
He caught a plastic bag, and the boy couldn't be happier.

Throwing a bag of cucumbers


Look at the legs hanging out

Look at the second from top floor, it's bumping

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