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Wordpress 101 Guide


Anyone who has ever tried WordPress or who has even visited a blog site run on WordPress will know why it is just about the best blogging platform there is. It really has great usability and the blog pages can be made to look truly beautiful. However, to accomplish the latter feat, you need to give WordPress a bit of a helping hand. Luckily, WordPress blogs are very easy to change. You can get all manner of plug-ins to extend their functionality, and you don’t need to know anything about coding. You will find a number of ways to improve the pages under Options and Permalinks.

By visiting the WordPress Plugins directory you will find some really useful additions for your blog but here we are only concerned with those you need to get you started on a great blog. N the newest version of WordPress, plugins are also accessed through your admin panel and any that you wish to used need to be uploaded to /wp-content/plugins/ directory. The plugins then need to be activated by a simple mouse click from your admin panel.

Here are a few important plugins that you also might like to consider:


When you get your WordPress theme, the first thing you will want to do is change the theme to something more original, or at least one that fits in with the subject of your blog. Themes are easy to download and unzip to your /wp-content/themes/directory.

After you have done that, the new theme should appear in your Presentation menu. Then you can start to have fun with the theme, tweaking it so it looks exactly as you want it to look. If you want to, each page can look different. Tweaking any WordPress theme by editing the style.css file is pretty easy to do but save the original first, in case you’re not happy with what you do to it. Then you should edit your theme information, go to the and, through the WordPress administrator, make modifications to your current theme so that you transform it into your dream theme.

Preventing Spam Comments

Akismet is a default installation with WordPress. You just need to activate it through an API key.


To attract traffic to your WordPress blog you absolutely must have the All in One SEO plug in. That way, you can add keywords, metatags and titles on each of your blog posts and your page title.

Contact Us

The Contact Form 7 is the best WordPress form which allows readers of your blog to get in touch with you.


The WordPress database backup plugin allows you to back up your blog on a schedule you choose and automate. You need never worry about losing your blog if something goes wrong either technically or with any updates you attempt, with this plugin.


The Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin allows people to be notified whenever the comment thread they are interested in receives a new comment. That encourages them to stay loyal to following your blog.


With Comment Relish you can email anyone who comments on your blog for the first time and thank them, welcoming them to the blog. You can start to build up loyalty this way and you can even attach free gifts to your tags there, as a bonus for subscribing.

Add the widgets you want to and your blog will acquire all the functionality you could wish for. WordPress themes do all the hard work for you and yet you can still get a blog that is truly unique. Within a few hours you will have the blog that you want and you will see why WordPress is the most popular blogging platform.

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