Put The Right Amount Of You In Your Social Media

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Social media is the most exciting thing to take off on the internet over the past years. It has been around for awhile and slowly developed. Now, it has exploded in growth for several reasons. People find it to be a great way to stay in touch and find people that they’ve lost track of, businesses find that they can promote their product or mission to a broadened group of prospects, and individuals can market themselves in an effort to achieve their goals. Marketing yourself is not always easy. It can be difficult to write about yourself, show your personality, place your photo out there for everybody to see, and show that you are qualified while not appearing arrogant. If you combine social media tools with common sense you can and should add your personal touch to them to make yourself stand apart.

Write about yourself
It is not unusual to be uncomfortable writing about yourself. Once in awhile it may seem painful because you don’t think you are as exciting as others may view you. If you do not want to write an online bio about yourself incorporate the help of some trusted friends or hire somebody. When somebody knows you they can usually do a pretty good job of writing about you. When you hire a person to write about you they know the right questions to ask to let your personality and life shine through.

Show your personality
The fact that you did a polar plunge (or something like that) may not be a huge deal to you. It could be very interesting to other people though and raise their level of curiosity about you. Your experiences and how you live life should shine through in your social media profiles. Use caution though, the wrong thing to do is to show a side of you that is too wild and carefree because it will make people judge you unfairly. It is not uncommon to hear about potential employers or business relationships researching your social networking places. Do not put anything out on the internet that you are not comfortable with everybody knowing.

The picture
The picture is all about image. If you don’t think you are photogenic it is tough to do. Nobody is tougher on your photo than you though so just relax and smile. You will have a good photo if you do that. You can also hire somebody to take your picture. They will know the best ways to photograph you and let your personality shine through.

Arrogance and qualifications are different things
You can tell people what you are about without being arrogant. Arrogant people can be stereotyped into categories like difficult, cocky, and unapproachable. Most people are not interested in being connected with people that are that way. However, confidence is a quality that draws people to you. You can have confidence in your qualifications and stand apart.

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