SEO Strategy – Google Caffeine – What does it mean to you and your website?

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Google just announced Tuesday the release of their new search algorithmindex system Caffeine.   The new approach is taking web index from the bad old days of being indexed every 30 days to a new  caffeinated search engine system that will index your pages on seconds.    The new approach will pay lots of attention to freshness.

As pointed out in an article on PC World on June 9th, 2010.

With Caffeine, as Google crawls the Web, it immediately indexes the updated information. Google had been crawling a fraction of the Web every night and then indexing the new information in a batch. Before that, Google was updating its index every 30 days, and initially it only did so every four months.

This week the announcement was made.  Caffeine is now live.  Google will now be scanning almost in seconds.  It will determine the frequency and speed depending on your pagerank and will check news sites and blogs more often than regular websites.

What to do and how will it affect you?

The new  system will not automatically affect you but if an event or news story breaks out related to the current topic or product on your website, your site will drop as fresher results will make it to the top.   The solution is to simply update your site regularly, with fresh content and if you dont do it often, make sure you do it when necessary.

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