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Google Caffeine Makes Us Happy
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Are you just learning about the latest google update, has it thrown your whole world upside down and do you feel that you have to start over. We placed a list of articles that will surely get your feet wet with and start you on the right track with the new changes that Google Caffeine willl bring to your SEO strategy. The articles are in no special order.

SEO Strategy – Google Caffeine – What does it mean to you and your website?
Guerrilla Marketing Strategy with Google Caffeine
Internet Marketing Strategies and Tips For Google Caffeine: Sightings Increase
Google’s Caffeine Update and Chasing the Algorithm
Google Caffeine In Effect, Link Builders Find Backlinks Disappearing
How Will Google Caffeine Affect SEO?
Caffeine: How Google’s New Approach to Indexing the Web Changes Everything
Google Caffeine
New SEO Practices for a Google Caffeine World
The Need for Speed: What Does Google’s Caffeine Mean to You?

Where to start, just begin to read that is the first step.  One thing I will tell you is, start writing.  The concept of Guerrilla Marketing with Google Caffeine is very interesting as gone over on the article.  Do small group of individual companies / tribes have the power to bring cause an impact in the online presence if all their employees go online at the same time for 1hr and target everything to one page.   Can 1 single individual out do large companies? – I’ve set out to test the grounds.   I keep analyzing rankings, recently I noticed my last article on Google Caffeine is showing on the first page of Google not the #1 spot but we keep testing and getting good results.  One tip I have for you is keep your content refresh, If you can get yourself to post multiple times a day, that will bring you good results.  Study your post titles and use the best choice of words.

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