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WordPress 101 Guide | Make a Query to Get the Most Popular Post by Comment Count in WordPress

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This one is very simple. For those of you that want to automatically include it in your themes, you can query by comment count using get_posts and running a foreach loop to get the contents. Very simple procedure. Code below will output the most popular post by comment count. [php] <? $args = array('posts_per_page' => 5, [...]

How to enable WordPress Multi User – Setting up WordPress for a multi Author Blog

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One of my latest clients is EMA Blogs - Business Intelligence and IT management.  Visit EMA blogs Enterprise Management. Our client required a WP Multi user site with many authors.  Each author would have his own blog.  Some of the requirements where Sitewide Post on the front page.  The blogs talks about Business Intelligence, Cloud computing [...]

WordPress Developer : Fix Http Error when uploading images.

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If you are having issues with the Image uploader.  Sometimes it just takes a small amount of work to get this issue fixed. The first thing I would recommend doing is checking you Htaccess file. Make sure it has the following code : AddType  x-mapp-php5 .php # Begin Wordpress <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond [...]

WordPress Developer : Updating your WordPress Theme to work with WP 3.0 Menu feature

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Updating your menu to work with WP 3.0 feature is very simple. Takes pretty much 3 steps to update your theme. Step #1  Edit you functions.php file. Add the following line to it // This theme uses wp_nav_menu() add_theme_support( 'nav-menus' ); Step #2  Edit your header.php file. Add the following function to it wp_nav_menu(); Step #3 [...]