The Benefits of WordPress Theme Templates

Wordpress 101 Guide

In theory, you can build your own WordPress theme from scratch. Let’s face it, no-one really wants to stick with the boring blue theme that the site comes with upon installation, do they? That just says you don’t want to put time and effort into your WordPress site and is a very bad impression to give to people.

No, you will want to jazz up your WordPress theme quite considerably from the standard issue blue. But, do you have a clue where to start? Most people really don’t, and to do that requires considerable skills in html coding and that’s before you’ve even got me started on how much of an eye for design you would need if you’re going to start from scratch and end up with a WordPress site that looks even halfway decent. Then again, are you satisfied with ‘halfway decent’ or do you want and need a WordPress site which is really going to catch people’s attention and make them impressed with you? If you want people to follow your blog regularly and you want to inspire confidence so your followers become your customers, you need something a bit special.

You need ready-made WordPress themes.

Reasons to Use WordPress Themes:

  1. They save you time
    Once you have installed WordPress, it only takes a few minutes to install a theme an then you can get started on some serious blogging. To get a web designer to custom build a WordPress theme for you would take weeks, so lucky for you that there several sites have lots to choose from off the peg as it were and these can even be customized to make something entirely unique. After installing your basic WordPress blog you can upload a new theme and start blogging immediately. If you wanted a custom design you will have to wait several weeks before
  2. They save you money
    To employ a web designer costs hundreds, maybe thousands. A WordPress theme can be purchased very cheaply.
  3. There are lots to choose from
    This advantage speaks for itself in terms of allowing you get a WordPress theme you will love. New themes are being designed all the time. Any page layout you want can be incorporated into a template.
  4. They are easy to install
    Wordpress themes can be installed very easily and they come with a help file, anyway.
  5. They are easy to customize
    You want your WordPress theme to be unique and you can with the templates. You can replace headers and footers, change layouts, colors and images and much more.
  6. They are easy to change
    You just swap one WordPress theme template for another. Simple.
  7. They can be optimized for search engines
    Many of the WordPress themes templates you will find can be search engine optimized, helping you to get the maximum number of visitors to your site. Check that your particular WordPress theme has:

    – validated html

    – validated css (cascading style sheets)

    – no broken links and that it will show up as it should in all the most Internet browsers and most common screen resolutions.

In your WordPress theme, you should be able to edit metatags and add a variety of widget plugins. With a WordPress template, you can do all that.

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