Tips on Making the Most of your WordPress Custom Theme Design

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These days, you can give a blog page any sort of WordPress custom theme design you want. Are you politically active and want everyone to know it? You can create a banner and color scheme to make that obvious. Do you love the sea and the great outdoors, and you want to blog about sailing and travelling along the New England coast? You can do a custom theme design with images of lighthouses and rolling waves.

When looking to get a WordPress custom theme design for your blog page, here are some things to consider. First of all, change and update your top menu every once in a while. It’s a small measure, but it helps to dress up your home page and catches the eye of people. Next, just changing your sidebar and the background color of your pages can also help. Both are small, simple changes that WordPress can easily help you with, and – like the top menu – they’re excellent ways of giving your page a whole new look.

With home pages, often it is all about the visuals; you need to impress people with the images they see there. In cooking, it is said that the first bite is always taken with the eyes. The same applies to a home page when people are skimming through different blog sites. You need to catch their attention by presenting something interesting to look at, and then they will focus on the words and start reading. So, uploading some nice pictures can help, and then changing them periodically is best. This is yet another thing Themeophilia is good at –guiding you through the process of revisions and updates. Their pages are designed for ease of revisions. Also, you can use a simple feature to create a little “Welcome” on your main page; this can be a nice eye catcher that will pull people in.

Another WordPress custom theme design item, along the lines of changing the background color, is changing the colors of your article headings, and the sub-headings in each article. Again, it is a simple change that catches the eye.

Next, be wary of putting too many plug-ins on your blog; the more you have, the slower your pages can run. If you get slowed down too much, people will not bother with your blog. You want a happy balance. Consider creating a gallery for pictures, but try to keep the number of photos reasonable, and then update them regularly. As with other features of your blog, if photos stay the same too long, people will lose interest in the site. Also, a nice feature to add to a picture is making it clickable. Either allow people to pull it up on its own page and save it, or make it a link to another page of your site.

With all of these features in your WordPress Custom Theme designs, you can make your blog page as unique as you are.

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