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We are going to talk about two ideas to get you started as an online marketers.  One of them is a Group Buying site and the second idea is Directory sites.   They both have proved successful and I have personally seen clients make a large amount of revenue with virtually a low start up.  Both of these business structures can be easily achieved with a good plan and the help of WordPress.   WordPress is a very powerful software empowering individuals and allowing them the ability to set up online websites that before would have involved tens of thousands of dollars.

Getting started with the Group buying site.

The point of this business model is to think local.  With Groupon and livingsocial coming into our towns and neighborhoods is time to take a piece of the market back and promote local.   You can create your own group buying brand for your local area and promote local companies.   You can easily do this from your home office.   There is no one better than you than can connect with your local market, do you believe someone sitting in the Groupon HQ  cares about your local economy.  Offer a better deal and start promoting your site and daily deals to your local community.  This does require some work but is something to look forward, getting out there and meeting business owners.  It is free to place an Ad in the Group buying sites so what do they have to loose except free advertising. There are many software solutions available to get this venture started.  Contact us if you are interested in starting this online strategy.   Take a look at a sample Group Buying site – Gatordailydeals.com

Directory Websites

Believe it or not there is a right way of doing a Directory site and there is a bad way of doing it.  Create one single directory site for 1 city and unless the Monthly Global searches for that topic are high enough and you will not profit from Google adsense.  Oh Yeah, you can make money in Google adsense, and enough to make your monthly mortgage payments or have a downpayment for a new home.   My perfect example is of a past client of mine.   After an initial investment, over 25 sites where built, these sites where identical.  For the purposes of this post I will change the industry name of this client.    Let’s say it was Bars and Clubs.   The point is to build many, of these sites for major US cities and create a directory.  My recommended directory set up is using WordPress and the Directorypress Templatic theme.

Take a look at a sample Directory – DiningGainesville.com

With Google Adsense you can easily make $1,000s of dollars every month and with the use of a WordPress niche site and local business directories.   But the way to do it is not with 1 but with many.  Set up WordPress Multi User and start creating your directory network. With a large network of sites you can guarantee yourself and large check every year.  Each directory site has 100s of listings and with the many sites you will be able to get a high amount of traffic.

So what is stopping you.  Is it Fear that you are letting have control of your life.   There is no reason to fear in this online world is full of opportunities all around.

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