What is WordPress? | The benefits of using WordPress for your business

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is many things for different people, it can take many meanings, to some in means their livelyhood, opportunity, income, blog, journal, hobby, career.  You may come from all types of industries and you will find that WordPress can help your needs.  Over all,  WordPress is here to help you built your website or blog, or revenue generating machine.

Open Source CMS

WordPress is an open source CMS built by 100s of community volunteers, and available for free download so you can install it on your own webserver.  Wordpress.com is also available and provides users with paid and non-paid accounts.  WordPress is used by many as their blogging platform.  It fact this is where it all started as blogging increased by online users and online marketers.  Developers early on started tickering with the WordPress CMS creating themes and plugins.  Plugin depository is available with thousands of plugins to set up any type of functionality.  Paid plugins and paid  premium themes created a whole new marketplace for developers as well as entrepreneurs interested in making their ideas come to life.

WordPress empowers your business

So why should you switch to WordPress you ask?  No matter your industry or purpose, WordPress can be the structure behind your website.  Lets look at a few points:

WordPress allows you to be able to change your desired theme at any moment. You have a large variety of premium themes available for purchase and availability of WordPress developers to work on  your website.

If you are looking for special functionality, you can visit the plugin depository and use any of the available plugins.  In the past, a lot of overhead cost would go to a php developer to create functionality now readily available in plug and play plugins that reduce time developing a project. What took months in the past takes weeks.


If you are a developer, I would highly recommend trying the WordPress platform.
If you are an online entrepreneur, WordPress will help you create income online!!

One of the most common misconceptions I have heard from people is that WordPress can only be used for online blogs.  You can create any design and transfer the design to a live WordPress theme, that can be install on any host.

Are you ready to get started?

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