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If your strength is design, working in photoshop and creating beautifull layouts; There is an application available for you that will transfer your PSD and create a WordPress theme.  Visit Divine Project and check out their system.

You can download a trial version.

The only downside is the Trial version has a size limitation and you will only be able to test a small layout.  My review after installation is – If you are used to programming it by hand and already have a css framework you use,  there is no need to adapt and loose your skill.  For a Designer, it probably is a good investment.  Make sure you keep learning how to edit themes by hand, do not fall on the lazy habit of always using a photoshop plugin for your WP themes.

Other benefits for designers using the Divine plugin are:

It’s free
Takes a short amount of time
Minimal knowledge about php or css
Seo friendly
Optimized for Speed
Table-less coding
Gain total creative freedom

Visit the Divine tutorials here

For other online tutorials describing the process to turn a PSD to WordPress review the list below:

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