WordPress 101 Guide : 5 ways of building a contact form with WordPress

Wordpress 101 Guide

With the popularity of WordPress increasing and a large amount of web bloggers moving to this platform.   One of the most basic functionality desired for website is a contact form.   There is a variety of ways to accomplish this task and they are much better than hiring a developer to create one for you.  These new plugins allow you to easily manage multi-forms, some have more whistle than others.

The following is a list of Contact form plugins,   in ranking  order.

Gravity Forms –  Gravity forms is at the top of the list.  This advanced form plugin will make it very fast for you to manage.  The only thing missing from this plugin is multi-page forms, which from what I understand is coming soon.   It comes ready with conditional logic for your forms,  validation, advance date fields, file uploads and many other features.

Wuffoo –  This is a non plugin options but deserves to be on the list.  Wuffoo functions just like gravity forms, it comes with multi-page forms and accepts payments with the forms.   Conditional logic rules are available.  Full turn key solution.

Contact Form 7 – With this plugin, you can easily manage your set of forms.   You can enable CAPTCHA, Akismet and other filtering options.

CformsII – is a powerful and feature rich form plugin for WordPress, offering convenient deployment of multiple Ajax driven contact forms throughout your blog or even on the same page.

Wp-Contact Form –  Insert contact forms on your wordpress blog

Our advice if you would like to get your forms going and would like a free, no hassle solution is to try to Contact Form 7 plugin, you will find it very easy to use.

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