WordPress 101 Guide – Domain mapping on WordPress MU has never been easier!

Wordpress 101 Guide, WPMU setup

WordPress MU allows you to install one single copy of WordPress on your host and create multi-user blogs.   With WP MU,  you have the option of setting new domains as a subfolder of the main domain  ex.  http://www.example.com/newblogname  or   as a subdomain – http://newblogname.example.com/ .   In order to have the subdomain options available make sure Wildcard DNS is enable and set up correctly.

If you have installed WPMU and chose the subdomain option is not working correctly make sure to check the Wildcard DNS settings.  Once this is set up, you are good to go.

If you were looking into pointing a second domain to one of your WPMU subdomain blogs, It is now very easy to do.   All you need is a plugin called WordPress MU Domain mapping .  This plugin will allow you set up very fast.


You have two options.  You can either set a CName record or set your IP and change the DNS server of the second domain to point to the IP address of your primary blog.  Once the main settings are changed.  You can login to your subdomain blogs and add the domain to the Domain mapping setting under the Tools tab.


This is all it takes to set up domain mapping on your WordPress MU blog.  Enjoy!

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