WordPress 101 Guide : How to get your site ranking on Google?

Wordpress 101 Guide

There are many theories on what needs to be done in order to achieve high rankings. We prefer to use a variety of techniques and test their result. Sometimes we do find some that bring results. Let’s take into consideration one of our keywords. ” WordPress 101 Guide ” – Some months ago we decided that this was a keyword we want to get ranking. So we started our process.  Giving it a try a see what you get. – Type in the words – WordPress 101 Guide on google and see the results.   Our theory is why pay expensive SEO companies when you can learn the approach yourself  simply from you

One of the first things we did, was set up our links at the top of the page of two of our websites. So the approach is to use your top level navigation to target the pages you want. Use the correct keyword, then make sure the title of the next page is the keyword you picked.

Make this page and resource abundant location that users will find usefull and add a variety of documents. It helps making this page a category page, so that it queries post from the particular category keyword we are using.

After setting this new section up, start writing good content for it. Content will be relevant.  And make sure to use the related keywords on the title and meta tags of your post.  Install Platinum SEO plugin for WordPress.

Without the proper title structure your page will not show correctly.  Recently I had a client that was targeting Barn Equipment and on her page title or h1 , h2 tags the phrase did not appear.  Barn equipment items were listed.  Google can not relate those items to barn equipment unless you structure the page correctly.  So make use of proper SEO.

Some good plugins to use for SEO on your WordPress site are:

Platinum SEO – I recently heard from a friend in Silicon Valley that this one works better.
Advanced Permalink
Mobile Press
Quickly Interlink
Meta Robots
Google Sitemap
Redirection – To control 404 and 303 errors.

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