WordPress 101 Guide : Need to move your WordPress blog to a new host?

Wordpress 101 Guide
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Are you ready to take your blog to a new host? Take these steps to move your WordPress blog and transfer it.

1) Back up your data.

If you have not done it already make sure to go to phpmyadmin, select the wp tables and exported the data to an sql file, head on over in that direction.  Two plugins that will ease the burden to non tehchies are WP-DB Manager and WP-DB Backup .  Install one of those plugins and back up your database files.

2) Download all files and themes.

Use your preferred FTP software to login and download your theme files, and files from your upload folder.

3) Import and upload content

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Login to your new Host and make sure database is created.  After creating a new database. You will need to use phpMyadmin.   Visit your database and go to the import tab on phpmyAdmin.  Search and replace,  sql values if you switching domain name.  Import sql file into the new database.

4) Replace new credentials for the wp-config file.

After uploading all related files and wp installation, upload folder, theme, and plugin files,  open your wp-config file and revise the credential values for connecting to your Mysql server.  It is most likely that this has new values, username and passwords.  This seems to be the biggest issue with migration, a simple connecting error with a display  ” Error establishing a connection with the database” .

If you have switched the values, closed the browser and refreshed and you can not login. Make sure to check those credentials.  You may also create a second install by deleting the wp-config file and setting up a new table prefix to test the values.

If you need help and would like a professional to migrate your blog, contact the team at Pohl Media

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