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How to boost your website traffic is one of those questions that seem to be a riddle to many bloggers on the blogosphere.   Specially beginner ones,  the amount of information that they are digesting,  I have heard it sometimes makes them forget who they are.  From article to writing to meta tags to content and keyword research, many newbies feel and overwhelming weight over them and are at a loss.   Do not let yourself stress out, if you feel it is too much information all at once and do not let the savy marketer type sell you, b/c of the pretty wording and terminology that makes them look like they know what they are talking about.

We at Wp1stop have help many and trained them to achieve better rankings with organic search results.  We currently enjoy as of June 24, 2010 – high rankings with the keywords: WordPress 101 Guide, Opt-in box design, Car Dealer themes etc.

We have a variety of approaches that we consider important, and if practice together for a length of time, you should see results within 2-3 months.

1) Proper top menu and submenus structuring.

To start, review your top level and submenu structuring.  Do your links look like ex. Home, About, Contact us.    This is a mistake for some a majority of sites.   First, the spider comes in and looks and the linked keyword, it then follows to the linked page and reviews the title. What are the chances of your site being found if someone types “About us” . Probably zip, non, Nada.   Test your site by adding a roll over menu, and if your are placing generic links add them under one of the tabs, so you can still use the real estate to direct the spider to specific pages using the keywords that you picked.  Add a submenu.  You have seen this on other blogs,  where a submenu is a list of subcategories.  I recommend to do the same.  Place this second menu below the top menu.

Make sure that your linked page heading and title, matches the keyword used on the link.  If your link is Horseback riding Colorado, make sure the linked page is named the same and add your H1 tags to that page, make sure to match them.    We have better results using that system.

2) Good content, longer visit, less bounce rate

Ok, so you have the right keywords, proper headings and titles, set up links to your content and you have empty pages with no content.  What do you do next?  Start working on the right content.  Now, the most important factor is that you make sure this content is good, and good enough for someone to sit there and read it.  It is great that you were able to get the spiders to scan you and also congratulations and great job on putting your site together, but the meat in the dish is missing.  Add your content and do not add anything.  Do not worry about keyword density on you content.  Worry the most on making sure people will spend some time reading it.  Not bouncing off it.

The google bounce rate factor does exist and it will add and reduce from your sites ranking and popularity.  If you get your visitors to stay, it will certainly have a positive effect on your SEO.  Add links to other pages from your content, these can either be pages on your website or other peoples site.  Remember the point is to be as informative as possible, help the reader learn something.  Google analytics might be the culprit on these cases, transferring important data to google where they learn in regards to your site stats, this data may affect your negatively or positively.  So make sure you place some valuable time on the content part of your site.

3) Back link building

So you have your site, you have your content and the next step is start to build back links on your site.  Submiteaze is a good program to get started.  You can use the free version and it will submit the articles to 15 different places, or you can also use the paid version.  Make sure to not submit copied articles.  Write original content on your blog and write original content for the article directory sites.  The idea behind this process is to add links on the directory articles on specific keywords used on these articles to your targeted pages.   Comment on do follow blogs will be another step.  Or simply write an article in regards to someone elses blog post, either critiquing or using the article as a quote.  Make sure to add a trackback to those URLs.  Install and test Zemanta

To be continued

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