WordPress 101: Make a post stand out as Hot News!

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One of the tactics I regularly use to make a post stand out is to place a nice graphic to make it stand out from the rest. Let’s say for example that you would like to place a marking on some of your post – in order to indicate they are hot news or any other category.

Step #1

First, create your graphic. Start up your favorite graphic program and sketch out a graphic for your post.


Step #2

Visit the template files, archive.php, single.php and any other page with a the query loop that you would like to display your graphic, and insert the IMG HREF tag with your graphic.


Step #3

Install the Get Custom Field Values plugin

Step #4

Check if the value of your custom field exist


Step #5

Create a custom field on your post and insert any value to make the image appear. The If statement checks if the value of the custom field is not empty, execute the action.

Very easy steps to help your blog stand out. This procedure can be done with any image, you can create images to indicate a variety of categories and improve the quality of your blog.

How to improve on this?

This procedure can be turned into a plugin. A custom panel may be retrofited, with check boxes on post to indicate which set to appear. Small improvements get you far.

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