WordPress Magento Integration – Way to go!

Case Study
Magneto is currently adominant player amongst open source eCommerce suites and WordPress ranks highly amongst the list of most flexible and easy to use content publishing platforms, therefore many customers want to have their eCommerce websites running on a combination of WordPress and Magneto.
We recently took up a very interesting website project for JK Secret Cosmeceutics which combines WordPress and Magento. We provided matching themes for Magento and WordPress to give the website a great a pleasing and aesthetic look. We made WordPress use Magento’s CSS, headers and footers to add more interactivity to the online store. The JK blog (courtesy WordPress) helps bring in SEO traffic to the online store and can serve as a great boost for revenue.
WordPress and Magento are made for each other, contact us and we’ll help you derive the maximum benefits of WordPress Magento integration for your website.

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