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You don’t even know the energy I have today.  After getting up early and dropping of my daughter at school, walking the 4 dogs and getting the morning workout done I feel like if I had been born yesterday fresh and ready to conquer the day.

Moving forward…

I want to talk a bit about the biggest obstacle to most online entrepreneurs when they want to start making money online which is:

Not having a product to Sell

If this is where you land, do not stress.  Just imaging being able to make money with a digital product that does not require storage, shipping and the only thing that is needed is  a simple CLICK of a button.

There are available options.

Affiliate Sales

Start selling affiliate products. Depending on the subject. A sample affiliate product is like the image below and is a product I highly recommend, Studiopress Themes.

Tapestry Theme - A Tumblog-Style Theme for WordPress

Studiopress is one of the most recommended WordPress theme products in the market.  You need to get your site establish before you can some of these affiliate networks allow you to become a member and advertise.

So a few affiliate palces to SIGN UP ( the point is to start making $$, so why wait) are :


Google Adsense

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery


Ok, So first step is to sign up to those sites and start promoting other peoples product while you figure out what you want your first product to be. One of my first digital products was a digital download of a Car Dealer theme for WordPress. I was selling this theme for $59 dollars – Currently is offline as I am re-building new choices and will coming out with new versions. Being that I am a theme developer it is a fast and easy way of setting up some form of residual income that you can too apply. Even if you do not design or develop, you can hire a developer to build a digital product fit for you. This can be a WordPress theme that achieves a specific business need, an Iphone or Android application and ebook or simply affiliate marketing of other peoples digital products.

Promoting Hosting companies and Opt-in list is another big hit.

Make sure you promote products you believe in and that will help your customers. As an example let’s take the Premise theme –
Premise Landing Pages Made Easy

It is a great theme to offer you clients.

Bluehost is a great example.

Look that was a $65 dollar check for doing nothing. Now I am not a big affiliate, I make money producing websites online. But this is the way to start for anyone wanting to become an online entrepreneur.

If you have not chosen a Hosting account yet, Bluehost is a great choice, so get started… Do not procrastinate any longer. Get your plans written down, your website set up and built by a professional and start promoting products while you produce your ebook or online membership course.

With the WordPress theme, it was always great to see purchases early on the weekend mornings when getting up and seen that your hard work paid off.
Start brainstorming about the options you have presented upon you, what are your strengths or digital product can you create. Recently there is a fad or Sugar free diet programs and have seen more than 1 person succeed in the fitness area. I have help many trainers get their blog together and fully set up. Offering training videos online for fitness and presenting your personal program in the form of an ebook and video course is a great way of getting started.

So dont wait any longer, get your hosting account and research your available developers. We are happy to provide you with a quote for any of your needs.

And how did I make my first $50 bucks online, well if we exclude the services I offer which is all done online, I would say is the Car Dealer Theme. How long did it take until the first purchase? less than 2 weeks after set up.

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