WordPress niche Site | How To Start An eBook Site And Sell eBooks In 5 Easy Steps

Wordpress niche site

If you are planning to start your own online business, then there is no better way to start than selling eBooks. This type of business is a simple way of making money. The best part about selling eBooks online is that you don’t have to worry about packaging and delivery- it’s already done for you. The business is also popular among people as they avoid the annoyance of visiting book stores and prefer to simply download them to their computers.

There are 5 easy steps of creating your own eBook website and make money.

Step 1: market research

This is the most important step included in all sorts of businesses. You cannot continue with any business without conducting a proper market research. Market research enables you to determine your product life and its popularity among your target market.

In the eBook business you are required to conduct keyword research which will help you ascertain the amount of people searching online for particular niches. There are many keyword phrases that users use to carry out their research. If you get hold of these phrases it will be easier for you to determine your target audience. You can use Pixelfast site, Overture keyword lookup tool, WordTracker and Keyword Discovery to carry out your keyword research.

You will collect many ideas from different niches among which some ideas may be of no use to you. In order to pick the viable ideas you will then carry out a disqualification process which will narrow down your search results. You will set the following criteria for your search results:

  • Is there any free information already available online on the topic you have researched? If yes, then how much information is there?
  • Number of similar and competing eBooks which are already on sale
  • Are there any adwords campaigns currently running on the search phrases? If yes, then how many are they?
  • Is it an inch-wide and mile-deep niche?

This will not only enable you to demonstrate your target audience and your need in the marketplace, but it will also help you analyze the competition you will be facing even before you start planning the creation of your business.

Step 2: The Survey Site

This is one step ahead of your research process. The purpose of this step is to ask visitors their views and suggestions about the website. It is a one page website, which will be asking people whether they are interested in the planned topic of the eBook or not. This page will also be asking visitors about the most frequent questions they would like to be answered. At the end of this page you will include ‘name’, ‘email’ and ‘your comment’. This will be driven by an email autoresponder. You can use AWeber.

The percentage of respondents to your survey site and their positive feedback is an indication of your conversion rate that you will get once your eBook(s) go (es) online. This will also tell you about the topics you should include. The conversion rate might not be exactly the same as you estimated but it surely will be close to your estimation.

If a person is interested enough to leave feedback then they will surely be interested to buy your product as well. That’s how you make estimations in business.

Step 3: Get your eBook Written

There are different ways of creating your eBook, you can carry out all the research and write the eBook yourself however, this will turn out to be a time consuming task. It might take you several days to write your own eBook. Keeping in mind the requirement of today’s fast-paced world the better option is to get your eBook written. This is a general process and is followed worldwide.

You will be required to hire a ghost writer and arrange an interview. EBooks are normally forty to fifty pages long consisting 15000 to 20000 words. The page limit and word limit however can vary according to the details of your content. There are different websites available that outsource writing and research for example, Rentacoder.com.

You can easily contact the ghost writer/expert directly for the interview and these interviews can also be recorded and transliterated. The benefit of getting your eBook written by an expert is that the writer can easily conduct thorough market research required for your eBook content.

Although, your book is being written by somebody else, you are the one acting as a driving force to get it created. Your book will be created under your instructions and strategic directions.

Step 4: Set Up your Digital Product

Finally when your eBook is completed and ready for sell, you need to find a good place to sell it. E-Junkie is a popular shopping cart where you can sell your eBooks at incredible prices. E-Junkie protects your work from being stolen and shared. They have a policy that provides the downloader a secure download link which expires after a certain time and in some cases after a certain number of downloads.

In case of a large product being downloaded, E-Junkie provides the advantage of saving bandwidth costs. The list of benefits doesn’t end here as E-Junkie provides its users the facility to send out free expirable download links to their friends and reviewers. This link can also be used as a bonus for another product. This shopping cart provides excellent security options for example, they will allow you to stamp your work with your name, email and a unique transaction ID claiming copyrights.

You are required to sign up with an E-Junkie account which is easier to use with Clickbank, the easier and cheaper way to set up your products for sale. Clickbank has no monthly cost like other payment companies. The transaction fee of clickbank is also low as compared with others. However, you will be required to pay around $50 to set up your product.

Step 5: Get the Site Built

The last stage of setting your eBook business is to create a webpage for your product. For this purpose you will be required to get your domain name registered first and then find a host for your website.  There are two types of hosting, free hosting and paid hosting. Paid hosting is comparatively more reliable than free hosting as it is faster and will not be putting up any annoying ads.

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting service providers in the market lately. They provide their customers loyalty by charging no hidden or additional cost and provide faultless work at very low rates. They use invincible technology that sets them aside from rest of the service providers in the market. They have their personal servers, their own custom Linux kernel, their own datacenter and much more.

Other web hosting companies that are also working at reasonable prices are: buydomains.com, godaddy.com, triforce.com and hostmonster.com.

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