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The weekend is finally here and I hope you had another great week as an online entrepreneur.  If you are a freelancer, online marketer or basic blogger is always good to step away for a bit from the monitor.  This week I tried to make some adjustments to my scheduling, giving me additional time to go to the Gym and workout and walk the dogs a bit longer than usual. We have 4 of them.  With this I would like to bring some articles to the table that I believe are good reads and can bring something to the table,  It’s always a good time to learn a thing or two so make sure you are using your time wisely.  We are blessed with the power to control what we can do throughout the day, we are not tied to the – to 5 strains.  So make sure you appreciate and make the best of that extra time with learning new skills and ideas.

Recommended Reading

The Road to Recovery: 5 Tips for Brands (likeable.com)
Are you trying to re-build yourself looking for a new start. These five steps can help you achieve that.

Why your business needs video (CaptureConversation.com)
Have you thought of starting a video blog or adding video to your website.  You better believe it will help you improve your site

Allure Themes new releases (Wpcandy.com)
Lisa Sabin Wilson coming up with her weekly challenge.

And last but not least and I believe an important article and a Must Read!!

An Overview and Introduction to Pods CMS for WordPress (Mondaybynoon.com)
Make sure you take a look at Pods for WordPress, a plugin that gives you a new way of creating what used to be custom post and giving the power to create any database and collect any data you need within the wordpress CMS without doing any Mysql and php programming.  Check out the Pods Framework.

This lowers the time it takes to produce custom post types manually programming the code.  It promises to shorten the production time on many projects. Make sure to keep up with the latest releases.

A new little bug I caught, Pop-up Dominator seems to have issues with Mailchimp.  So hopefully to team at Pop-up Dominatorstarts to take notice of this issue.  I tried every option and Mailchimp would not connect properly.  So we moved over to Constant Contact.  Warm Giving needed a new way of capturing leads and Pop-up Dominator was the top option.  Get yourself a copy.

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