WordPress site | Modifying the WordPress login page

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Ok, You started to use WordPress and have your blog set up, you built up some readers and getting them to sign up, but now you want to personalize your WordPress site a bit more.  There are solutions.  First step is to edit the WordPress login and sign up page.  Below I will list my two suggested solutions.

1.- Custom Login

Activate it and customize your sign in screen.  No need to know CSS.  Use the plugin’s settings page.  Comes with a Photoshop template. Custom login is fast and easy. Get it from the WP Depository.

2.- BM Custom Login

This is a second option, very fast and simple.  It also includes a PSD template for you to edit. BM Custom Login. No need to upgrade.

These two plugins is all you will need to customize your login page, no need to edit any php code or do spend any additional time on this task and move to the next improvement of your WordPress site.

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